/ March 1, 2012



The World Wildlife Fund are working with British designers and artists and designers to communicate their role as the world’s leading conservationists. It is not just animals the WWF protects but environments and the people who live in them.
The Pandemonium 2 event will take place on May 24th 2012 in an as yet secret venue in London.
Description: IGLOO DRESS
MATERIALS: Steel, cotton, nylon netting, wadding, natural latex.
DIMENSIONS: 150 cms circumference x  120 cms high



SANE Black Dog Campaign "SALTY DOG" coat

  / March 1, 2012

Helen and Colin David create “Salty Dog” an English Eccentrics Designer Dog Coat for the SANE Black Dog Campaign

SANE’s vision is to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness. Normalising mental illness means that it will be perceived like any physical condition. The campaign will put mental health on the same level of importance as physical health: in terms of priority, range of treatments, funding, research and public understanding. SANE plans to reach and involve 500,000 people in support of the campaign aims:

  • Reduce stigma
  • Encourage more people to seek help
  • Engage members of the public
  • Create a new language for mental illness
  • Demonstrate the importance of research
  • Change attitudes of future generations
This unique Coat has produced by Barbour and embellished by  the brilliant embroiderers Hand and Lock. When SANE have a collection of decorated black dogs they will auction them to raise funds and awareness.








  / March 1, 2012

The Humanity T shirt is designed to help people who are being serially raped, attacked or tortured, by reminding their attackers that they are human. We are working with Prisoners of Conscience to get the t shirts out into the public sphere later this year, and to distribute them to the people who really need them.




British Heart Foundation

  / March 1, 2012

Where My Heart was Mended Scarf

This scarf is a unique design by Helen David for the British Heart Foundation. It is a map of Europe marked with colour-coded hearts.

The B.H.F. Mending Broken Hearts Appeal is to raise funds for ground-breaking research into stem cell based medicine that will in future quite literally mend damaged hearts.

Helen and Colin have donated this scarf to the B.H.F. so 100% of the price of the scarf goes directly to them.

100% silk, Made in Italy, available in a Limited Edition of 100 pieces only, each comes with a signed document.

For more information and to purchase, please follow this link, where the scarf is shown on the super-model Marie Helvin.



The Mending Broken Hearts Appeal also benefits from the TUNNEL OF LOVE  a brilliant Fashion and Art party described by Hilary Alexander as the PERFECT PARTY in 2011, to see the lastest from this years (2012) party please follow the link below.





The Roundhouse

  / February 15, 2012

From a building in London’s Camden, which started life in 1846 as a steam-engine repair shed – to legendary cultural venue, the Roundhouse has an enviable heritage. The iconic building is now home to a bold and exciting programme of live music, theatre, dance, circus, installations and new media.

As a charity, young people are at the heart of everything the roundhouse trust does. They’re on the board and help plan and perform at events.

It’s the interaction between artists on stage and 11–25s that makes the Roundhouse unique.

Young people have interviewed Paul McCartney for Roundhouse Radio, filmed a documentary on NoFit State circus, and worked with Apple to deliver live streaming of events.

The Roundhouse is a charity that can’t survive on ticket sales alone. Income generated from private/corporate hire and from generous individuals, trusts, corporate sponsors and public funders helps raise the £3m needed each year towards artistic programming and work with young people.

Colin and Helen are giving a prize to encourage young poets at the Roundhouse.