April 2013

  / May 17, 2013

This month has been a particularly busy one as we’ve begun to gear up in preparation for the Club To Catwalk at the V and A Museum, however I’ve still managed to get to a modicum of art shows and places worth mentioning.

First off Colin and I took a visit to Palma, capital of the island of Majorca which is a part of the Balearic archipelago. Whilst the island chain is an autonomous community it is still a part of Spain and as such was a wonderful reminder of our Spanish Living Quarters project in 2010. The island plays host to a plethora of rich culture which permeates everything and as such is a fascinating place to visit. The first district of Palma that we visited was the trendy area, Santa Caterina, that was filled with interesting and peculiar things.

[A Facinating Shop front]

[Empty Soda Cans]

[Perfumeria sign]

[Silly Shop Name]

Whilst wandering around we also spotted these workmen dressed in neon (which is very fashionable at the moment). I’m sure their fashionability was intentional of-course!

[Neon Jacketed Workers]

The last thing we noticed in the cool district was the amount of interesting graffiti that had been done about the place; some of which is a painful reminder at the lack of youth employment available at the moment in areas of the Eurozone.

[Young, Wind and Free Graffiti]

[Smiley Ball Graffiti]

[Bill Sticker Graffiti]

[Bill Sticker Graffiti]

In another part of the town we were reminded as to how religion still plays a big part in Spanish life with Palm Sunday motifs placed all around. 

[Palm Sunday Flower]

There were also more permanent reminders of Religion present, some of which were in the form of beautiful or kitch sculptures.

[Angel Sculpture]

[Kitsch Angels]

Outside of the Cathedral was this beautifully blossoming tree.

[Cathedral Tree]

The final image from Palma that we took was of this stunning Olive tree. This is believed to be the oldest olive tree on the island and supposedly if you look closely you can see a face formed in the trunk.


On my return to England Judy, Claire and myself (The English Eccentric trio) took a trip down to Brighton where we saw a beautiful exhibition in Brighton Museum entitled ‘Biba and Beyond: Barbara Hulanicki’. The show was a restrospective look at the wonderful work of the fashion designer Barbara Hulanicki. She was a huge influence in the 1970s on fashion, make up and also interior design.

[Biba Dress]

[Biba Dress]

[Biba Outfit]

[Photo of The Biba Shop]


Another stunning event I managed to attend this month was The National Theatre’s current production of Othello¬†which stars the fantastic Adrian Lester in the title role and is directed by Nicholas Hytner. As this show is still playing at the National I highly recommend booking tickets and visiting as it is a very accomplished production of the Shakespeare Play. After the play we met Adrian in the Green room, and he told us he’d been awarded the O.B.E. while we told him all about deer in Norfolk. Adrian really deserves his O.B.E. as he must be the top Shakespearian actor of his generation.

[Othello, National Theatre Poster]


The focus of ongoing work this month is working on the Japanese project. This will be the second part of our Living Quarters work. One afternoon when returning to the studio I caught a glimpse of a perfect rainbow glowing above the building. In Japan Nature is all-important, so maybe this was an auspicious sign. Once inside and back to work I begun photographing the amazing Japanese textile samples which we collected while in Japan, a couple of which you can see below.

[The Rainbow over the Studio]

[Japanese Textile Sample]

[Japanese Textile Sample]