December 2012

  / December 31, 2012

[God’s Own Junkyard]

Early in December while we were exploring Soho we discovered a great pop up shop called ‘God’s Own Junkyard’ where a family who make neon and fairground signs had their fantastic works on display.

[God’s Own Junkyard, London Calling Sign]


Artangel LongPlayer – In reflection of the music art work created by Jim Finer [Click here to visit the Artangel website] I visited a talk featuring one of my heroines Caitlin Moran in a conversation with John Lanchester. The concept of the Artangel talks is that they put together two thinkers who have never met before and let them discuss whatever comes up. It was a fascinating discussion and if any more come up I recommend going along.

[John Lanchester and Caitlin Moran in conversation]


Our great friends John and Marianne Swannell have just been made Vice Presidents of the National Autistic Society [Click here to visit The National Autistic Society Website] and John Bercow, the Speaker, very kindly offered the Speaker’s House for an evening reception for the society to welcome its new V.Ps. The charity’s President is Jane Asher, who looked great in a wonderful green dress.

[Jane Asher at the Speaker’s House for the National Autistic Society]

While visiting the Speakers House we found out that it has a fantastic bedchamber where the Monarch sleeps the evening before a coronation. Colin and I were allowed a sneak pre-view. It’s pretty romantic with the fabulous red four-poster bed. There are also plenty of chairs and tables so the Monarch could do a Grand Levee if they wished…

[Colin and Helen David in the Speaker’s House State Bedchamber]


We love a good pop-up so we took part in a group show through our friend Jackie Hancher in ultra-cool Manor House. There was an interesting array of different artists who displayed work at the show and the place was buzzing with excitement at all the various goings on and performance pieces taking place throughout the venue.

[Colin and Helen’s work at the Pop up art show]


As it was Christmas, a lot of my time was spent socializing, so here is a personal snap of me with some lovely girl-friends. We were all school mums together and have remained good friends ever since.

[Christmas get together with friends at the Ivy Club]


Colin and I have been working on our Japan based art for the last few months and often talk about our friends in Kyoto, but it was an incredible surprise to see this package arrive just in time for Christmas day!

[Our Christmas Surprise]

On opening it we found this stunning violet kimono with a red lining that our friends sent over- so incredibly generous of them!

[The beautiful violet kimono]


What I remember most from my childhood at this time of the year is the thrill of bright shiny Christmas colours –exemplified by these Quality Street Chocolates wrappers.

[Christmas Sweets]

At Christmas lunch we have a long standing family tradition where different people bring different courses. This year my sister made a beautiful started with home made buckwheat blinis, star shaped beetroot and seaweed caviar – such a stylish woman!

[Christmas Lunch Starter]

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and see you all in 2013!