January 2013

  / January 29, 2013

Happy New Year! – as the saying goes.

For us this New Years was a relaxed affair out of London spent in Norfolk. New Years day was a sunny one this year so we decided to take a walk along the Cromer seafront and out onto Cromer pier. The clear day’s chill was a sure cure for any residual hangovers.

[Cromer Pier – New Years Day]

[New Years Day on Cromer Pier]

That evening, after a short trip home, we ventured back to the town for their celebrated firework display. As always they were a treat to behold!

[Cromer fireworks – New Years Day]

After New Years we returned to London just in time to catch ‘Shoot- Existential Photography’ at the Photographers’ Gallery.  This was a wonderful and unexpectedly thrilling show; in one part they had set up a fairground style booth where, if you shot a bulls eye, your photo was automatically taken.

[Colin’s Bulls Eye Card]

[Shoot at the Photographer’s Gallery]

Colin proved his prowess by getting two bulls eyes and the photo above is the result.

In another room, installed by Christian Marclay, you got to stand in the centre of four walls where highly edited clips of films of gun battles raged at you and you were literally shot at from all sides.


In other art related news Artangel are launching a wonderful new initiative with BBC radio 4 called ‘Open’, as such they had their annual get together in the new BBC building. The exterior looks lovely by night whilst inside the newsroom is transparent and endlessly filled with the buzz of work.

[The new BBC by night]

[All Saints Church viewed from inside the New BBC complex]

[News Room at the BBC]


Our friends Michelle and David invited us to lunch on the snowiest weekend in London so far. Michelle wanted to go outside, so we ran into the garden and built a snow torso- he was really fit!

[Snow Torso]


In relation to our lovely snow torso Colin has been doing a lot of work on making a fabric torso for a project we are doing that involves creating a cabinet of curiosities. It will be housed in a grey room with a trompe l’oeil floor. In preperation for this I have been painting many, many shades of grey, [but not 50…..]

[Almost Fifty Shades of Grey]


As anyone who’s been in London over January knows the snow has been tumbling down all across the city. The view of Kings Cross and St Pancras International from my studio looked great in the snow.

[Kings Cross in the Snow]


Often people moan about the weather in the U.K. but I think January is a wonderful month for getting on with work. Here are two sneak peeks of work in progress for our Japan Living Quarters Collection.

[Work in Progress 1]

[Work in Progress 2]


The London Art Fair in Islington was fun as usual. This year the pieces that caught my eye were mainly photographic.  I loved this photo of a man with a white dove.

[Photo in the London Art Show]

There is so much atmosphere in this wonderfully broken up image by Tessa Traeger, a British photographer that I have long admired.

[Tessa Traeger photo – London Art Fair]

Also at the fair was this Man Ray print. Man Ray was so ahead of his time that even now his work has a clipped freshness rarely seen elsewhere.

[Man Ray Print]

Last weekend we went back to Norfolk to sort out our print room there. We caught one of those great snowy sunny days, so we went off for a walk with Diana and her Scotty dog.

[Snowy Norfolk]

[More Snowy Norfolk]

Whilst out walking we saw this lovely white swan on the stream, it was almost like a scene from a Beatrix Potter novelette.

[Swan in the snow]

As to the rest of the year we are expecting to have an exciting time with the Japan Living Quarters work coming together nicely & several other projects to prepare. Indeed I am looking forward very much to it all!