July 2013

  / July 25, 2013

Summer is finally upon us, and long may it last! A real summer means such a lot to me as colours take on a true vibrancy. In the garden my borders are bursting with everything at once – especially spectacular are these lilac and red poppies.

[Poppies in our borders]

[Lilac Poppy]

Kings Cross, the area around my studio, is also looking lovely – by night they light the interior of the new station building with this sensational blue.

[Royal Blue of Kings Cross]

By day I can walk out and explore the canal. There are loads of new restaurants opening which are a delight to try.

[On the waterfront]

[On the waterfront]

[Cafe life on Regents Canal]

[A nice restaurant on Regents Canal]

While dining outdoors at one of these restaurants we saw this group go by in a dinghy.

[A dinghy on Regents Canal]

I’ve been designing a scarf for my friends at Rayne shoes- they are opening an incredible pop up shop in Selfridges this September. [Click to visit Rayneshoes.co.uk]

[A new scarf for Rayne Shoes]

I adore some of their vintage styles and can’t wait to see the new collection when it arrives!

At the Victoria and Albert museum Club to Catwalk opened this month. It’s a brilliant review of 80’s fashion and the influence that clubs like the Blitz and Taboo had on the way we dressed. It wasn’t all big shoulder pads but an explosion of post punk individualism and self expression that is still a force in fashion today. Within the exhibition the English Eccentric’s works can be found alongside pieces by Bodymap and Wendy Dagworthy.

[The original English Eccentrics designers get dressed up for the night]

[Helen David & Colin David at the Club to Catwalk opening night]

[Gary Kemp introduces Club to Catwalk]

[The English Eccentric’s Vitrine at Club to Catwalk]

[Bodymap at Club to Catwalk]

[Wendy Dagworthy at Club to Catwalk]

We went with our friend Toyah Willcox, it was great to both be featured in the same show. Meanwhile her husband, the genius musician Robert Fripp has music featured in the Bowie Is show, also at the V and A, till August 11th.

[Toyah Willcox, Helen David and Judy Perbeck infront of an early Toyah Willcox outfit]

In association with the exhibition we have reprinted a couple of our early scarf patterns which can now be found on sale in the V&A shop [Click to visit the shop]


[Hands Scarf in the Victoria and Albert shop]

[Polar Scarf at the Victoria and Albert shop]

Toyah and Robert, Colin and I, all met for lunch in a lovely, quiet central London hotel. It was the day after the new Prince was born and the flags were out along the Mall.

[Union Jack flags along the Mall]

[Press tents along the mall for the Royal birth]

Finally, here’s a little sample of some 3d printing experimentation we’ve been working on recently. It’s a very versatile medium that will be brilliant for future works.

[3d Printing experimentation]