Jubilee Scarf

  / June 14, 2012

Helen’s Diamond Jubilee Scarf design. 70*70cm on Chiffon. This is available exclusively at Liberty Store, Regent Street, London.

Diamond Jubilee Scarf


June 2012

  / August 20, 2012

We are beginning to discuss concepts for our work together, based on our recent Japanese Living Quarters, this month. Japan was so different in its philosophy and outlook that it has taking us quite a while to adjust to being back in the U.K.

As well as missing the lovely people we met, we already miss the wonderful fresh food, so it was nice to visit the Pret-a-Diner pop up restaurant at 50 St. James.

Exciting food was served in a series of beautiful rooms decorated with lots of colourful, but very derivative, Italian art.