June 2013

  / July 2, 2013


June is a good month for traveling: the schools haven’t broken up yet, the weather is beginning to ease, and the nights are light. As such Colin and I visited Copenhagen to catch up with some Danish friends. The city is very lovely, laid back and charming; not all nervy like London and New York can be.

[Waterfront shops in Copenhagen]

[Architectural motifs in Copenhagen.]


Dotted around the city there are some lovely decorative shop fronts.

[Shop front design motif Copenhagen]

[Shop front design motif Copenhagen]

Our boutique hotel was in an old town house and our room had this stunning stove in one corner. I was so tempted to try to wrench it out!

[Hotel room stove in Copenhagen]

Being a massive fan of Borgen I had to visit the parliament building, Christiansborg, and pose in a first lady-like venue near the Royal Palace.

[Helen David at the Copenhagen parliament building – Christiansborg]



[Guards at Christiansborg]

We also visited The little mermaid who was in all honesty a bit disappointing. Quite understandably she looked rather bored.

[The Little Mermaid Statue]

But the Tivoli Gardens were great in a slightly mad way…

[The Tivoli Gardens]

[The Tivoli Gardens – happy cat painting]

[The Tivoli Gardens – lights]

[The Tivoli Gardens – spooky deck chairs and empty theatre]

[The Tivoli Gardens – Asian themed pavilion]

The design Museum has some great examples of modern Danish design.

[Design Museum Chair]

[Design museum chairs]

The Copenhagen-based designer/artist who caught our attention was Henrik Vibskov. As well as having a funky little shop, where I bought an African printed cotton jacket for Colin, he was showing some cool installation ideas in a beautiful town house turned gallery, all based on the concept of a neck.

[Designs by Copenhagen based artist/designer Henrik Vibskov]

[Design by Copenhagen based artist/designer Henrik Vibskov]

[Design by Copenhagen based artist/designer Henrik Vibskov]



The R.A. Patrons came on a visit to Norfolk, to see the paintings that have been temporarily returned from Russia, to a grand house called Houghton. They were all sold to Catherine the Great to pay off debts. The curator Thierry Morel was able to find a hanging scheme and to hang the paintings in the rooms where they were originally sited. After the tour we all dined in the house.

[The curator Dr. Thiery Morel in front of Houghton.]

[A portrait of Grinling Gibbons above the fireplace, surrounded by his spectacular wood carving.]

[The Judgment of Paris, Houghton.]

The following day the R.A. patrons visited our home in Norfolk to experience a silk screen print workshop with Colin, to have lunch, and to buy some scarves.

[RA Patrons looking through English Eccentrics Scarves in Norfolk]

[RA Patrons looking through English Eccentrics Scarves in Norfolk]

[Colin David explaining printmaking techniques to RA Patrons]

[Colin David showing a completed print to RA Patrons]