November 2012

  / November 30, 2012

The thing about being in London is you just have to try all the new restaurants, so we headed off to the Tramshed in sunny Shoreditch for a bite to eat.

(Tramshed Interior)

In the middle of a stunning room, an old electricity generating shed for… guessed it, trams, is a large Damien Hirst vitrine of a cockerel on the back of a cow.

(Tramshed Chicken)

Run by the Y.B.A.’s beloved Mark Hix , the Tramshed takes the bewildering issue of choice out of dinner- it’s Chicken or Beef! Simples! There is no broccoli in the vitrine and, as life follows art , it turns out that the menu offers no vegetarian options. We ordered a chicken to share, and it arrived in a style which reminded me of those 18th century paintings of tables groaning with pheasants and dead rabbits- the chicken had its feet attached and was presented bottom up with its legs crossed. [It reminded me to book in to see my gynocologist…..]


The 11th fell on a Sunday, making Remembrance Sunday and Armistice day co-incide. Patriotism and Identity are central themes in our art work, so it was great to see this central London spectacle.

(Remembrance Sunday Poppies)

(The Queen’s Wreath at the Cenotaph)

A sea of red poppies were strewn in front of the Cenotaph where a black-rimmed wreath from the Queen marked the gravitas of the occasion. We passed a mounted guard who remained very still on his horse despite crowds of excited Italian tourists pressing up to be photographed with him.

(Guard on Remembrance Sunday)

(The Cenotaph Wreaths)

It was beautifully sunny and we walked via Buckingham Palace, where we saw this pacifist pigeon making his peace protest on a statue’s helmet.

(Queen Victoria and the Pacifist Pigeon)

Also it is with poignancy that we remember the brave women who died in service to their country. (Woman’s Memorial near the Cenotaph)

Next day our friend Angie Drake organised a fun evening at the Royal Academy where artists and friends took place in a light hearted quiz. The quiz-master was Angie’s friend Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen, a fellow Camberwell alumni, like me.

(Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen & Helen David)

Our team included the artist Humphrey Ocean R.A. so we decided our team was called Ocean’s Six. Weirdly we won, and were presented with ridiculous eyewear as our prize.


(Colin David, Humphrey Ocean R.A, Kathy & Simon Rees)

We went from the ridiculous to the serious, when Anish Kapoor, another R.A., requested our help to create a Gangnam style dance film in support of free speech, as his fellow sculptor, Ai Wei Wei’s, Gangnam style film had been pulled off the internet in China. All the creatives in South London arrived at Anish’s huge white studio, where the marvellous choreographer, Akram Khan, coached us in dance movements.

(Akram Khan Teaching us Gangnam Style)

(Anish Kapoor and Friends dancing Freedom Gangnam Style)

More considered creative dance is on the menu at the Turbine Hall in the Tate Modern, where a troop called the Clod Ensemble are putting on “Silver Swan” a stunning show of eerily beautiful song and movement. You can catch the final performance on Monday December 3rd! It is 25 minutes of strangely haunting beauty.

 (Clod Ensemble Silver Swan – Image by Manuel Vason)

Next year English Eccentrics will be 30!! But this week the P.R. House Modus just celebrated its 25th year with a fabulous party at the London Film Museum in Covent Garden. Its great to mark these occasions and most of the leading fashion and beauty press over the last quarter century were there, as well as many designers and lovely fashion people.

(Modus 25 Party Projection)

(Sally Mackereth & Helen David at Modus)

(Julian Vogel & Ally Capellino)

Last night was the Annual Xmas drinks for the British heart Foundation in a Marylebone gallery called Heartbreak. Professor Peter Weissberg made a brief speech in front of some brilliantly colourful, prize winning photos of our cardio-vascular insides. I took the opportunity to wear my new Dolce Gabanna dress, and we chatted to Richard Hytner, the chairman of the B.H.F.’s Mending Broken Hearts Appeal, and Peter Hollins the B.H.F director.  I met one of my art idols, Peter Blake, with his charming wife Chrissie, and the pop fashion designer Philip  Colbert of the label The Rodnik Band.

(Prof. Peter Weissberg & the Winning Micro-biology Photographs)

(Helen David with the Winning Micro-Biology Photos)

(Sir Peter Blake, Chrissie Blake & Philip Colbert of Rodnik Bank)