/ December 16, 2013

Saints Alive 1

[Saints Alive – National Portrait Gallery]

Saints alive 2

[Saints Alive – National Portrait Gallery]

November starts with All Saints Day and to mark the occasion we visited the Saints alive show by Michael Landy R.A. at the National Gallery. Landy made light-hearted kinetic sculptures based on stories of the saints as depicted in the gallery.


[Venice Sunset]

1a Venice blue skies

[Venice Blue Skies]

1b Venice Florians exterior

[Venice – Florian’s Exterior]

1c Venice St Marks square

[St Mark’s Square]

1d Florians interior

[Florian’s interior]

The next big event in the november diary was when we took ourselves off to Venice, for a long weekend, to catch up with the Biennale. I always forget how beautiful the city is, even in inclement weather.

2 Putti inspired bedroom at Metropole Hotel

[Putti inspired bedroom at Metropole Hotel]

We got a last minute deal at a hotel called the Metropole, it was quite mad with a different collection of antiques on each floor and our bedroom was full of cupids!

3 Tapies at Fortuny

[Tapies at Fortuny]

One of the lovliest parts of the show was at the Fortuny museum, where the work of Tapies was mixed in with Fortuny’s own collection in a stunning setting.

4 Tapies painting at Fortuny

[Tapies Painting at Fortuny]

There was some lovely work including this Red heart painting.

5 Modle of the Encyclopeduc Palace

[Model of the Encyclopedic Palace]

This year’s Biennale theme was influenced by the museum of everything’s engagement with outsider art. It was based on a cathedral to all knowledge proposed by a self taught artist-architect called Marino Auriti. In 1955 he filed a design with the US Patent office depicting his Palazzo Enciclopedico (The Encyclopedic Palace). This was an idea of an imaginary museum to house all worldly knowledge. Of course Auriti’s plan was never carried out, but it made a great starting point for the show.

6 Fetish scupture

[Fetish Sculpture]

Also in the Fortuny Palace was this fetish sculpture in a room to itself. It was very powerful.

7 Light Hut

[Light Hut]

Dotted around the city were some pieces from various countries aside from the main exhibits in the Guiardini and Arsenale. These vary in quality but add to the overall art festival.

8 bottles in a show

[Bottles on Show]

Venice itself is a stunning background to all the work.

9 Texting Gondolier

[Texting Gondolier]

Should Gondoliers be texting? All seems a bit too modern somehow……

10 Hairstyle photos

[Hairstyle Photos]

11 Metal rods in the Arsenale show

[Metal Rods in the Arsenale Show]

12 Found photos in Arsenale

[Found Photos in Arsenale]

13 Voodoo embroidery in the Arsenale

[Voodoo Embroidery in the Arsenale]

14 Haitian voodoo 2

[Haitian Voodoo]

15 outsider art armchair

[Outsider Art Armchair]

15 Reassembled church walls

[Reassembled Church Walls]

16 Japanese outsider art

[Japanese Outsider Art]

17 Mexican dolls

[Mexican Dolls]

18 Found pieces sculpture

[Found Pieces Sculpture]

19 Sinister Religious figure

[Sinister Religious Figure]

20 a Isabella Rosselinin in experimental film

[Isabella Rosselini in an experimental film]

20 found dolls

[Found Dolls]

21 Flying over Venice performance piece

[Flying Over Venice Performance Piece]

22 Chinese painting

[Chinese Painting]

23 Photographic piece

[Photographic Piece]

24 Buddhist Painter

[Buddhist Painter]

25 Theory as art

[Theory as Art]

25a Jungs Secret sketchbook

[Jungle Secret Sketchbook]

26 sinister photo

[Sinister Photo]

26a Sketchbook artJPG

[Sketchbook Art]

27 Japan Pavilion

[Japan Pavilion]

28 Bird of Prey by Jeremy Deller[Bird of Prey by Jeremy Deller]

In the Guiardini different countries have their own pavilions, and each choose artists to represent them. This year the UK was represented by Jeremy Deller, who took a satirical and complex look at England. The first image is of a bird of prey that disappeared near the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.

29 William Morris in Jeremy Deller mural

[William Morris in Jeremy Deller Mural]

The second is an image of William Morris and a battleship.

30 Jeremy Deller Bowie Lyric

[Jeremy Deller Bowie Lyric]

31 Deller, Bowie Lyrics 3

[Jeremy Deller Bowie Lyric]

The next are big emroideries of lyrics from David Bowie songs. Part of Deller’s show was a record of what happenede to coincide with a series David Bowie concerts in the UK in the 1970s.

32 Deller

[Jeremy Deller image]

Another strand of his show included images painted by ex-servicemen now in prisons. His work challenged all the authorities in the UK, but was ironically also an example of how we really do allow free speech.

33 A new addition to the Venetian silhouette[Venice Camera and Silhouette]

To finish we couldn’t resist this image of the beautiful city with a modern addition of a CCTV camera marring the idyllic skyline.



34 Julian Vogel and Helen david speech at the tunnel of Love P1010752

[Julian Vogal and Helen David BHF Speech]

36 Guests including Tanya Bryer at tunnel of Love

[Guests including Tanya Bryer at Tunnel of Love]

35 Guests including Hugh grant at the tunnel of love

[Guests including Hugh Grant at Tunnel of Love]

November 12th was the third Tunnel of Love Party, an event that Julian Vogel and I set up for the British Heart Foundation. This year was a runaway success we raised over £265,000 pounds. The face of the event was the dazzlingly lovely Yasmin Le Bon and the venue was in the glamorous No:1 Mayfair. Entertainment was provided by Eliza Doolittle See this link for video and further info.