October 2013

  / November 14, 2013

October, for artists, is dominated by Frieze week. As well as the big show in Regents park, there are numerous shows at most private galleries, lots of parties and private views. You can get over-loaded with visual information, which creatively, is a bit of a problem.

We attended a lovely opening at the David Gill Gallery in King Street of Zaha Hadid’s new tables. Her liquid looking pieces are magnificent; technically brilliant and very beautiful, they look as though a rippled pool has somehow solidified.

[Glass tables by Zaha Hadid]

P1010117[Glass tables by Zaha Hadid]


[Glass tables by Zaha Hadid]

P1010122[Zaha Hadid at her private View.]

At the Stephen Friedman gallery, we discovered an eye catching series of portraits by Kehinde Wiley called ‘The World Stage:Jamaica’. Wiley references ornate designs by William Morris in his backgrounds.

P1010124[Kehinde Wiley portrait]

P1010125[Kehinde Wiley portrait]

P1010126[Kehinde Wiley portrait]

P1010132[Kehinde Wiley portrait]

All Visual Arts do a great group show every year in the crypt of a Marylebone church. These dystopian pieces are all from that show.

P1010136[All Visual Arts – Frieze week]

P1010137[All Visual Arts – Frieze week]

P1010140[All Visual Arts – Frieze week]

P1010143[All Visual Arts – Frieze week]

P1010144[All Visual Arts – Frieze week]

Victoria Miro opened their new gallery in Mayfair with a new show by the ever green Yayoi Kusama. It featured her new interpretations of her famous ‘Infinity net’ series. At their main gallery was a great show by Idris Khan, ‘Beyond the Black’. Unfortunately the work was so dark, I couldn’t photograph it successfully.

P1010149[Yayoi Kusama painting]

Sweeties were the subject of ‘Candy-a show’ at Blain Southern where colourful, lumpy paintings by Damien Hirst were complemented by piles of real sweets by the late Felix Gonzalez-Torres. At the Private View some people ate the sweets, so the work changed as the evening progressed.

P1010151[Candy at Blain southern]

P1010152[Candy at Blain southern]

Dom Perignon had an evening of Vintage champagne at Claridges, for the opening of their pop up shop, where they showed Jeff Koon’s ‘Balloon Venus’ sculpture cradling a bottle of the house’s Rose Vintage 2003.

I met the star of  the T.V. program, ‘Inside Claridges’, their charming general manager, Thomas Kochs.

P1010155[Helen David and Thomas Kochs]

P1010157[Jeff Koons for Dom Perignon]

Meanwhile at Frieze there was this enormous piece by Koons

The main space at Frieze was, as usual, full of stuff ranging in quality from witty to a bit sad. Here are a few pieces we enjoyed.

P1010182[Our Frieze choice]


[Our Frieze choice]


[Our Frieze choice]


[Our Frieze choice]


[Our Frieze choice]


[Our Frieze choice]


[Our Frieze choice]


[Our Frieze choice]

And it was nice to watch the attendees interact with this huge sculpture by climbing inside it.


[Huge sculpture at Frieze]

Also we liked this textile on some furniture at Frieze.


[Textile at Frieze]

And laughed at these cones…….


[Cones at Frieze]

Frieze Masters was an all together classier affair, with discreet grey walls and mainly old pieces, it felt much more curated and considered.

Frieze Masters

[Frieze Masters]

But going to Paris for the day to see Ron Mueck’s retrospective at the Foundation Cartier was an encounter with true brilliance. He is a quiet, perfectionist, artist, who presents us with humanity in an extraordinary way. It is fragile, honest and tender. Every open pore, broken vein, and ear hair is lovingly portrayed. Mueck’s work is the antithesis of the images of photo-shopped ‘Celebrities’ we see all the time.


[Ron Mueck sculpture in Paris]