The 2014 Roundup

  / December 10, 2014

This year has been an exciting rush of different activities and preparations for new projects, so much so that there has been little time to stop and document everything, however there are a few events I’ve managed to capture:


The first event is ‘Here Today’ (click here to visit their website) which is a fascinating contemporary art show on until the 17th December 2014 in a pop up gallery space in Holborn. The aim of the show is to raise awareness and funds for the Red List of endangered species; a very important cause to retain the diversity of our planet’s species.

At the Private view, after the speeches, a falconer let a huge wild eagle fly across the room. This beautiful bird reminded us all about the threatened species the show was all about.

SAM_0553[Crowd at Here Today exhibition]

SAM_0558[Artwork by Khalil Chrishtee]

SAM_0562[Living Skin by Ackroyd & Harvey]

SAM_0566[Artwork in Here Today exhibition]

SAM_0561[Human by Rashad Alakbarov]

The second event is The Georgian Society Ball, which was held in honour of the tercentenary of the start of the Georgian era. We attended a costume ball in a stunning house in St James Park. Nearly all the revellers were in authentic costume and several were specific Georgians, including me and Colin, who came as Angelica Kaufmann and her husband Antonio Zucchi. Oliver Gerrish sang songs of the period, in his inimitable counter tenor voice, there were drunked tableaux of scenes from the lives of the 3 Georges. Nicky Haslam arrived fashionably late but looking brilliant.

[Helen & Colin David in Georgian costume]

[Helen David on the Georgian stairwell]

[Revellers at the ball]

[Revellers at the ball]

[Diane Parkin, Oliver Gerrish & Zuleika Parkin]

[Nicky Haslam in costume]

Artwork – After our successful show in Folkestone ‘Time Bleeds’, held in collaboration with a group of highly talented local artists and film-makers, we are now concentrating on getting the Japan section of our long term project ‘Living Quarters’ underway. My studio is full of large scale work that includes a giant kimono of over 7 meters long that is hand printed and hand embroidered on a base of patchwork antique kimono fabrics. Photos from ‘Time Bleeds’ exhibition:

3 Pro Patria Mori
[Pro Patria Mori and And Still You Whisper Of The War (foreground)With Ghillie works by Matt Rowe]

7 Billboards
[Time Bleeds Exhibition – Billboards]

2 And Still you whisper of the war detail
[And Still You Whisper of The War]

5 What we mourn for the dead is the loss of their hopes
[What We Mourn For The Dead Is The Loss Of Their Hopes]

The Scarf Gallery – This year we decided to make reality of a long-held dream of creating artist scarves. So we started where we feature work from brilliant established and emerging contemporary artists. Its been a lot of work and a lot of fun. Friday we had tea in the studio with friends and collaborators Rob Ryan and Christopher Brown, who enjoyed a lively scarf-trying-on session.

[Rob Ryan examining his scarf ‘I Still Wish We Had Known’]

[Rob Ryan admiring his scarf ‘And Most of All They Need Love’]

[Chris Brown displaying his scarf ‘Exotic Plants’]

[Rob Ryan admiring his scarf ‘Could You Would You’]

[Chris Brown modeling his scarf ‘Leaf Face’]

[Rob Ryan admiring his scarf ‘I Still Wish We Had Known’]

[Rob Ryan displaying his scarf ‘Could You Would You’]

[Rob Ryan with his scarf ‘Could You Would You’]

[Rob Ryan examining his scarf ‘And Most of All They Need Love’]

SAM_0709-620x883 [Rob Ryan trying on his scarf ‘You Work At It’]