Catching Fire

Folkestone Triennial Fringe 2017

Catching Fire took place at The Drying Ground 14th October 2017 at 19.14, Nautical Twilight.




After the performance, the 4m*2.5m image was burnt onto the background – a fire drawing


Catching Fire was demounted form the Drying Ground and re-installed on the wall of the Harbour Arm where it will weather in the elements – gently fading away.


Cotton Nets were soaked in Boiled Linseed Oil and left to dry on the Drying Ground above The Stade, Folkestone.…

….soaked with linseed oil stored in a pile are considered a fire hazard because they provide a large surface area for oxidation of the oil, and the oil oxidises quickly. The oxidation of linseed oil is an exothermic reaction, which accelerates as the temperature increases. When heat accumulation exceeds the rate of heat dissipation into the environment, the temperature increases and may eventually become hot enough to make the rags spontaneously combust.

John Gale, Folkestone – Witness to a Burning Net 1955/6 when 10 years old


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